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How do I voice my concerns and questions?

Answer:  First, contact the person directly in charge of the program or service you have concerns or questions about.  If you are not satisfied, contact that person's direct supervisor about the situation.  If you are still not satisfied, contact any member of the Leadership Team.  You may also contact any member of the Governing Board
I need a transcript for my student.  What do I do?

Website  >   Students & Parents  > Registrar & Records >  Transcript & Records Request (webform)
How can I contact my students teacher?

Website  >  Contact Us  >  Staff Directory 
OR, log into your Infinite Campus portal 
It’s snowing, is school open?

Website  >   Popup Alert Box
OR and Local media
I haven’t received email for a long time.  What should I do?

Log into your Infinite Campus portal > Update Your Contact Information

What school supplies are required for my student?

Students will find out what supplies they will need in class during orientation and in class the first week of school. 

How do OFF-campus students sign up for classes? 

Contact your student's advisor
Directly through your student's OFF Campus institution portal, not Infinite Campus.   CSEC staff members do not have access to that information and Infinite Campus is not able to track off campus grades and attendance.

How do I check my ON campus student's grades and attendance? 
Log into your Infinite Campus portal

Are my student's books paid for? 
Bridge (ON-campus) - Yes. Textbooks are signed out to students by the teacher in each class.  
Select (OFF-campus) - Students click HERE.