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CEC Colorado Springs Graduation Requirements



The Colorado Early Colleges Board of Directors has established the following graduation requirements for all students pursing graduation. All of the following criteria must be met in order for a student to graduate: 


*Social Science credit includes the satisfactory completion of civics/government course that encompasses information on both the United States and State of Colorado (C.R.S 22-1-104)

**The Word Languages credit requirement may be lowered based on the student's Individual Career and Academic Plan with Head of School approval

***0.5 credits of the College and Career Readiness requirement may be replaced by an Academic Elective with Head of School approval. Academic Electives include any course satisfying a requirement for a college degree or certification, any additional core high school subjects, and a maximum of either one credit (two semesters) at the high school level or three credits at the colleges level for physical or health education.


All Colorado Early Colleges graduates must demonstrate college or career readiness based on at least one measure in English and one measure in math listed in the Menu of College and Career-Ready Demonstrations established by the Colorado Department of Education. 


Full-time students transferring from other educational programs must meet Colorado Early Colleges’ graduation requirements. Part-time students are not eligible to graduate from Colorado Early Colleges.