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Required + Approval = Reimbursed


The CSEC textbook allowance for textbooks per semester is the following:



2017-18 Voucher  Fund Total




Credit Hours Per Semester



10 or less

Voucher Per Semester




Cost of Tuition and Fees




Textbook Allowance






Textbook Reimbursement Required Procedures

  • Students must refer to the PPCC Bookstore at for which books are required for a course.  CSEC will only be responsible for the reimbursement of required textbooks for a course.  Students may purchase optional material at their expense.  Do not purchase books from the bookstore at this time.

  • Pre-approval is required by Mrs. Bentley for all reimbursements. Complete the Textbook Request and Reimbursement Form and submit it by email ( or paper copy (room 415).  Orders will not be taken over the phone.

  • Students will be notified promptly by email regarding the availability of the textbook in the CSEC library. These textbooks will be rented to Select students for $15 per semester. Rental charges will be deducted from a student’s CEC Tuition Voucher.

  • If CSEC does not have the book in stock, students must make every attempt to rent the text book.  (See websites below.)   Tip: Use the ISBN number found on the back cover of the textbook.


            □  Select the 125 day Option                          □  Choose free or standard shipping

            □  Print and save your receipts                       □  Save the delivery packages for your return

            □  Don’t highlight or write in the book             □  Return the book at the end of semester

            □  Follow the terms and conditions of the site.




  • As a last resort, if the CSEC Library does not have the required textbook and no used books are available, students may purchase a new textbook.  Pre-authorization must be given by Mrs. Bentley before purchasing a new textbook or it will not be reimbursable.
  • If you DROP A CLASS, you can generally return the rented textbooks free within 21 days for a full refund.

  • To receive reimbursement, re-submit the Textbook Request and Reimbursement Form with the copies of the receipts to Mrs. Bentley. CSEC does not reimburse for sales tax regardless of where the book is purchased. Reimbursements are processed between September 15 and November 1 in the fall, and between February 1 and March 15 in the spring. Reimbursements must be received during the semester in which they are purchased. Reimbursement forms received after the deadline will not be processed. If CSEC reimburses the cost of the book, whether new or used, that book becomes the property of CSEC. It must be returned to Mrs. Bentley, the CSEC Business Manager in room 415 at the end of the semester. You will be charged for books that have been reimbursed that are not returned. If you plan to keep a textbook, do not submit for reimbursement.

    JQ-G Student Charges Policy

    School District 11 Application for Free & Reduced Meals


Any questions or issues that may arise should be directed to Mrs. Bentley or 719-955-4675, ext. 415.