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Gallup Poll Survey Information

Dear CSEC Families,

Colorado Early Colleges has elected to participate in the Gallup Student Poll. By taking this important step, we are joining thousands of other schools in helping kids be engaged with school today and ready for tomorrow.

Since its launch in 2009, the Gallup Student Poll has helped schools serve students better by providing measures of future success beyond test scores. There have been over 5 million completes of the Gallup Student Poll to date!


The web-based survey has 24 items that measure four elements, including engagement with school, hope for the future, entrepreneurship and career/financial literacy. The survey will take an average of 10 to 15 minutes to complete and is for 5th through 12th graders only. The survey will be available Monday through Friday during school hours only.

  • Engagement: The involvement in and enthusiasm for school. Engaged students are excited about what’s happening at their school and what they’re learning. Engaged students contribute to the learning environment, and they are psychologically committed to their school.

  • Hope: The ideas and energy students have for the future. Hope has been linked to student success in school. Hopeful students are positive about the future, goal-oriented and can overcome obstacles in the learning process, enabling them to navigate a pathway to achieve their goals.

  • Entrepreneurial Aspiration: The talent and energy for building businesses that survive, thrive and employ others. By identifying and nurturing students’ innate entrepreneurial talent, educators can empower the next generation of innovators to spur and sustain long-term economic energy.

Career/Financial Literacy: The information, attitudes and behaviors that students need to practice for healthy participation in the economy. Wise economic choices can contribute to a thriving life.

The survey is anonymous. Only group data are reported. All data are collected, stored, aggregated and analyzed by Gallup. At the close of the field period, an electronic scorecard with your school’s results will be generated. The district will also receive an overall scorecard.

Our school will administer the survey from September 24 to October 26. Our district’s Gallup Student Poll project leader is Kimberly Musselman. The Head of School will register an account on the Gallup Student Poll website. You can log in during the live field period to access your school’s unique URL. The school-specific URL can be shared with survey administrators in your school. To protect our school’s data, please DO NOT share the URL with anyone other than survey administrators.

A few weeks following the close of the survey, Gallup will email users to inform them that the survey results are ready.

Please visit the Gallup Student Poll website at for more information.


Kimberly, Musselman 
Academic Dean