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CEC Colorado Springs Communication

Because CEC Colorado Springs is such a unique school, there is a need for a unique communication system!


As a unique and ambitious school with many students going in many directions, questions naturally arise that need answering. With students far out numbering staff, we rely more heavily on mass communication to assist with delivery of general information. The Flyer School App is our newest tool for communicating the most up-to-date and time-sensitive information. We ask all of our students and families download the Flyer School App. More connected…more informed…more prepared...more successful!


CEC Colorado Springs' modes of communication include:

Flyer School App -- 
The free Flyer School App connects families with their schools, teachers and programs. With Flyer, families access their entire school life through personalized messaging, calendar events, signups and resources that support the whole child socially and academically. 

Families have a voice in their school community and can vote, complete surveys and respond to messages. Simply download the app, select your school and you’re instantly connected. Flyer provides families just what they need, when they need it, nothing else.

Google Play Store

Infinite Campus School Announcements -- All students and parents have access to Infinite Campus for daily announcements.  

Mailings -- Bills and occasional important letters are mailed to students and/or parents.

https://coloradosprings.coloradoearlycolleges.org/ -- CECCS's website provides a large variety of information for current and prospective

We encourage all students and parents to download the Flyer School app, read Infinite Campus School Announcements and any mailings sent to you!  Also, check in at the website regularly to keep up with events or for staff contact lists and forms you might need. We want you connected to your school and know what's going on so you don't miss anything!