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Why are we receiving snail mail and email from PPCC saying that they will drop our son/daughter from classes if we don’t render payment?

The reason that documentation is sent to your son or daughter by PPCC varies. PPCC processes their payment notifications for students earlier than CEC Colorado Springs is required to provide payment for the course. The questions that families should ask themselves if they have received this notification are as follows:
1.   Has your student submitted Concurrent Enrollment Paperwork required to link their enrollment as a college level student with CEC Colorado Springs as the third party billing entity?
2.   Does your son/daughter’s college course appear both in their PPCC student portal AND in Infinite Campus? Note that if your student’s courses do not appear on their PPCC student portal or there is an error, CEC Colorado Springs is not always aware of the concern unless the student makes it known.
Note that there is a process that CEC Colorado Springs must go through to register students for their college classes. This process includes reviewing & finalizing Concurrent Enrollment Paperwork required for entry into ANY college course, getting the paperwork to PPCC, inputting courses into Infinite Campus for our business office to process payment for student coursework.  Most of the time students receiving bills or notifications that they will be dropped from courses are generated in error...BUT it is VERY IMPORTANT that your student follow up on any concern that they have.