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Prospective Students


We encourage all prospective families to attend an Informational Meeting.

Informational Meetings are designed to help prospective students and their parents understand CSEC's unique program.  While not required, we strongly encourage both parents and students to attend.  You will have an opportunity to meet CSEC staff members and ask any questions you might have after the presentation.

Reservations are not required to attend Informational Meetings at CSEC.

CSEC welcomes prospective students onto the CSEC campus to experience a typical school day.
To request a student campus visit:

       »  Explore CSEC’s website and attend an Informational Meeting.
       »  Submit a Prospective Student Campus Visit Application (below) including the Consent to Provide Information.
CSEC will request records from the student’s current school to make sure there are no discipline or attendance issues that CSEC should know about before allowing the student on the CSEC campus.  This form will not indicate that the student is pursuing enrollment at CSEC. 
After this application is reviewed and a positive referral is received from the student’s current school, CSEC will contact the student or parent/guardian to set up a date for the campus visit.

The Campus Visit

Student visitors are expected to honor CSEC’s rules including the dress code.   Before the day of the visit, please read CSEC’s dress code carefully.
»  Bring with you:  a book to read or something non-electronic to do during class time.
»  Show up no later than 7:45 am at the main entrance to meet your host student.
»  Lunch will be provided for you free of charge in CSEC’s cafeteria or you may bring your lunch with you.
Visiting students are required to stay on campus the entire day unless specific arrangements are made through the Campus Visit application process.
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