Student Stories » Noah Root

Noah Root

Noah likes working with his hands. He came to CSEC thinking he wanted to be a diesel mechanic, but through his engineering courses, he realized he also excelled at science and math. With help from his advisor and CEC’s career class, he discovered a path that combined his interests: welding. Now he’s on track to graduate with an associate degree and seven certificates in welding, and big plans to work on a pipeline. 


“They really helped teach me about the school system, and how to navigate it to get the most out of my high school and college experience,” he said. “It’s been a better school experience than I could have asked for.” 


Noah is grateful to his advisor who worked with Noah to find a schedule that allowed him to learn multiple aspects of welding and made himself available when something wasn’t working and took into account all that Noah had going on, even if it wasn’t school related, to help him succeed.


“I can talk back and forth with my advisor in person or on email, and can be somewhat personal,” he said. “I can tell him if I need to make a change and we make it happen. He’s able to guide me, which is important because in my case, I’m the first welding student to go through CSEC.” 


Noah’s sister will be attending CSEC next year and his advice for her and all new CEC students is to take advantage of every opportunity CEC has to offer. 


He said, “Anyone who’s motivated to move on with life and really get somewhere should come here.”