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Devon Washington

Devon Washington came to CEC with a goal: to play D1 football.  He’s not afraid of hard work both on the field and in the classroom—which is why he knew he needed to find a school that could challenge him academically, and ultimately help him get into the NCAA. 


“I came to CEC with a plan and said, ‘Here’s what I want to do, can you help me get there?’” he said. “And now they’re helping me to get the job done.” 


Devon plays football and runs track at Harrison High School, and his advisor and teachers give him the flexibility he needs to make it to practices and games, working with him to make up anything he misses. He is currently studying criminal justice and plans to pursue a four-year degree in the field at a university. His advisor has worked with him to maximize transferable credits so he won’t have to retake anything he’s getting done at CEC.  


“It’s a boost of confidence, those simple things they help with,” he said. “People look at you here like you have potential in everything, and they always have a helping hand.” 


He’s appreciated having the opportunity that so many student athletes don’t have: to get ahead academically while still playing his sport at the highest level possible. 


“I’m very hardworking when it comes to school, and I push myself to keep my mom happy,” he said. “It’s really what keeps me going every day.”