Isaiah Mechelse

If Isaiah continues on the academic path he’s on, he’ll graduate from CEC with 90 college credits, have a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry by the time he’s 19, and start medical school by the age of 21. 

“A lot of what CEC has helped me with is the confidence to pursue what I want,” he said. “Knowing the school and your advisor are supporting you and working with you to make the best schedule for you, that’s a big confidence booster. Being a high school student in college and university classes can be daunting, especially knowing the other students are five and six years older than you, but having confidence that this is the best and well-suited path for you is super helpful.” 


Isaiah and his family originally moved to Colorado from Canada, and weren’t very familiar with the U.S. public school system. When it came to choosing classes, handling finances and picking the right path for a gifted student like Isaiah, they found all the support they needed in CEC. 

“The best part of advising at CEC is the personal relationship that you get to develop with your advisor,” he said. “They not only get to know your academic load but also you and your character and tailor it to your academic needs as well as personal needs.” 


With the support he needs to get ahead, Isaiah is able to take the time to travel and work in missions and still start med school earlier than the vast majority of students.  


“This is the most personalized high school experience you can get,” he said. “Whether you’re looking for something academically rigorous like med school or want to go to trade school, this is the best way to prepare you for the after high school experience.”