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Where FREE College Credit is the Focus for Our High School Students

At CECCS, in addition to earning a high school diploma, this year 65% of our graduates will earn AA, AS, AAS degrees, and/or certifications all for FREE through opportunities with Pikes Peak Community Colleges, CSU Pueblo, and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.



Where One on One Academic and Career Advising Can Fuel Your Future

Every 9th - 12th grade student receives individualzed academic and career advising every semester, every year they attend CECCS.  Our academic advisors specialize in specific career paths and get to know students as individuals, not a letter of the alphabet! 
A place to belong

Where Each Student Finds A Place To Belong

CECCS is the ideal size to give every student the individual attention and the opportunities they need to succeed in school, in college, and in their chosen career. CEC offers small class sizes and a comprehensive college prep program for 9th - 12th graders and the ability to take college courses while in high school.  Our faculty and staff are student focused. CECCS students can participate in a wide range of activities including student council, school dances, NHS, e-Sports team, history club, and community service projects.
Science Student  

Where Benefits and Opportunities Can Pave Your Path

  • CEC further enhances your student's success by offering FREE tutoring to every high school student.   
  • Students have the opportunity to take college classes on campus, off campus or both. 
  • CEC provides part-time opportunities for home school and private school students.
  • CECCS has a partnership with he Pikes Peak Business and Education Alliance
  • Supportive environment for ALL LEARNERS
  • Focus on strengths using Gallop StrengthsFinder

Where Student Wellness is Valued

  • Two Licensed School Councilors
  • A Collaborative Health Team
  • The Summit Courtyard for Health and Wellness provides a safe, contemplative outdoor space for students to learn, move, and re-charge