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Why See a School Counselor?


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Confidential ZONE


What a student says in the counseling office, stays in the counseling office...


Harm to self, harm to others, someone is hurting them, they give permission to share

Counselors develop confidential relationships with students to help them resolve &/or cope with problems &  developmental concerns. Counseling sessions are kept confidential except when students disclose that they are being hurt, are hurting someone else, or want to hurt themselves.


How Does a Student See a Counselor?

Self, parent, school staff, or friends


How Does a Parent See a Counselor?


School counselors are available by appointment to assist parents with concerns regarding their students.  Parents can call at any time to schedule a phone conference, or to set up a time for an in person meeting.




To connect with Ms. LaPar or Ms. Matlock, click the staff button to your right for contact information.  

Mission Statement:

To empower all students to become productive, contributing, and responsible members of society by preparing them academically and socially through a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that maximizes students’ unique potentials and strengths, while maintaining personal individuality and ensuring equity for all students.


Vision Statement:

To promote self-knowledge and empower students to become active, life long learners who desire to reach their own individual excellence through genuine self-exploration, so that each student may succeed in reaching their life long goals.

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