Delay & Closure Information

CEC Colorado Springs (CECCS) Delay/Closure Policy

CECCS will close ONLY when D11 closes for weather reasons.

CECCS will delay two hours:

if D11 delays 
if D20 delays or closes 
if D49 delays or closes 

CECCS Buses will run exactly two hours later than normal when CECCS is delayed. The Falcon bus will not run in the morning if D49 is closed. The Falcon bus may run in the afternoon if weather conditions permit. Follow @csecbuses on Twitter for current bus information.

Delay FAQ's

How do you decide whether CECCS will stay open, close or delay?
Closures:  The only time CECCS will ever close is if D11 closes.   Even if other districts close, CECCS will be open if D11 is open.

Delays:  We look not only at D11, but D20 and D49, when considering a delay.   If any of these districts delay, CECCS will delay also.  If D20 or D49 closes, CECCSwill delay.


Remember CEC Colorado Springs will close
ONLY if D11 closes.

             All of the above applies only to weather-related closures or delays.

How do I find out if CEC Colorado Springs is closed or delayed?

  1. CECCS' website:   Closure or delay information will be posted on the home page in an alert pop-up box.
  2. Go to  Click on Colorado Springs, Charter Schools, then on Colorado Springs Early Colleges.
  3. Subscribe to to receive a text or email whenever CECCS posts a delay or closure.  Click on Manage Your Messages to create an account and request the text service.

    Note:  CEC Colorado Springs cannot control if, when or how local media posts school closures.

Messenger app:  Download the FlashAlert Messenger app for iOS or Android or snap the QR codes below.
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I have an on campus college course.  What's the delay schedule?

Can I call the CTU status hot line to find out if CECCS is closed or delayed?
No.  CTU and CEC Colorado Springs make separate decisions about delays or closures.  The CTU hotline provides information ONLY about CTU closures and delays.

When is the decision made to delay or close CECCS?
A CECCS staff member checks the status of D11, D20 and D49 between 5:00 and 6:00 am on potentially bad weather.  The decision is made or adjusted immediately based on CECCS' policy (see above.)

When are closures or delays posted?
As soon as a closure or delay is determined, it is posted on CECCS' website,, which is viewable immediately.  Within minutes, a CECCS staff member posts the alert to FlashAlert which relays the information to local media.  i.e.  KKTV, KRDO  (This can be seen immediately at but might take 5-20 minutes to actually post to public media.) Note:  CECCS cannot control if, when or how local media posts school closures.  FlashAlert then sends texts to everyone who has subscribed to the texting service.  (See above.)

The weather is fine in CECCS' neighborhood, why does CECCS have to be delayed?
CECCS staff and students live all over the extended Colorado Springs area---from Woodland Park to Calhan to Monument and almost to Pueblo---and everywhere in between!!   Even if the weather is fine at CECCS and even if you can get to school, it is possible that many other students and staff members cannot due to weather or road conditions in their area.   We have to consider whether enough of our staff is able to get to school safely in order to run the school.

What if I miss a delay and show up at school at 8 am?
We will try to have a staff person on campus, but staff can sometimes be constrained by the weather also.  If a staff member is here and the building is open, you are free to study or visit with friends in the cafeteria until school starts at 10 am.  

What about the bus on delay days?
The buses will run their normal schedule exactly two hours later than normal.


If District 49 cancels school due to weather, CECCS buses will not run the am Falcon routes. Depending on weather conditions that day, the pm Falcon routes could possibly run that afternoon.  If so, families who live in Falcon will be notified.  

What about breakfast and lunch on delay days?
Lunch will be served as normal according to the 2-hour delay schedule.  No breakfast will be served.

What if CECCS is open but the roads are bad where I live?
While we feel it is important for students to attend school every day, we also want everyone to be safe, so we encourage you to use common sense and stay home if travelling is too dangerous.   NOTE:  Absences or tardies on bad weather days must be excused the same as on any other day.   719-955-4675, ext. 465

What if D11 is closed due to a water main break or other reason?
CECCS' Delay/Closure policy applies only to other districts' weather-related closures or delays.  If D11, D20 or D49 delay or close for other reasons, CECCS will not delay or close.

What classes will be held on delay days?
All classes will be held in a shortened schedule.  See the 2 Hour Delay schedule.

What if the delay schedule interferes with my off-campus class?
We trust you to make the best decision about which class to attend.  NOTE:  Absences or tardies due to bad weather must be excused the same as on any other day. 719-955-4675, ext. 465