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Colorado Springs Early Colleges earns a “Performance with Distinction” rating!


“We are proud—but not surprised—that our school is performing better than 25% of schools in Colorado,” says Jennifer Daugherty, Head of School, Colorado Springs Early Colleges.  “This means our students are learning and growing. They’re reaching and even surpassing what they should know and be able to do at key points in their academic careers.”

Colorado Springs Early Colleges is one of only six CSI schools to earn a “Performance with Distinction” rating based on 2017-2018 performance. CSI—which authorizes Colorado Springs Early Colleges—assigns a rating and accredits its schools each fall based on its school performance framework, which considers a school’s academic, financial, and organizational data from the previous school year.

Unlike the state’s school performance framework, which has four levels of performance (Turnaround, Priority Improvement, Improvement, and Performance), the CSI school performance framework adds an additional level within the Performance band of Distinction. The additional rating level was included in CSI’s school performance framework to better differentiate the highest performing schools. The Performance rating includes about 68% of all schools in the state.

The academic portion of CSI’s “Performance with Distinction” rating is based on students’ performance on state tests in English Language Arts (ELA), math, and science. PSAT and SAT scores, dropout rates, matriculation rates, and graduation rates are considered when determining a high school’s rating. Aside from academics, the CSI school performance framework also takes into account sound charter school financial and organizational practices.

“Our “Performance with Distinction” rating means that not only are we excelling within academics, but also that we have strong financial and operational performance,” says Mrs. Daugherty.



About Colorado Springs Early Colleges

CSEC was founded in 2006 and welcomed its first students in the fall of 2007. CSEC has grown from 320 students in 2007 to 671 in 2018. CSEC has had 11 graduating classes; the graduating class of 2018 had 118 graduates of which 50% earned an Associate degree or 60+ college credits before their high school graduation. CSEC has expanded to Fort Collins, Parker, Aurora and Satellite offices in Highlands Ranch and Westminster.


About the Colorado Charter School Institute (CSI)

CSI is a statewide charter public school authorizer in Colorado, currently authorizing 39 schools from Durango to Steamboat Springs, Grand Junction to Calhan and serving over 17,500 PK-12 students. We believe that every child should have access to high performing school choices and are committed to the creation and success of high-quality charter public school options that offer diverse educational models to best meet the needs of every child. Our approach to authorizing charter schools balances autonomy and accountability. We offer our schools the flexibility to choose the educational models and methods that best meet the unique needs of their students and communities, and we hold them accountable to clear expectations for academic, financial, and organizational performance. Learn more at and follow CSI on Facebook and Twitter.