Important Information regarding delays/closures and E-Learning Days

CECCS will delay two hours: 


if  D11 delays  




if  D20 delays or closes 




if  D49 delays or closes 


Delays and closures are posted on the CECCS website in a pop up box on the home page and a message will be sent through infinite campus via email. We recommend subscribing to push notifications and/or email through FlashAlert. Local media is notified through FlashAlert; however, CECCS has no control over when or how TV and radio stations communicate the information. To modify your settings, or sign up for a new account, visit *For bus riders, CEC Transportation Department will also send alerts through SafeStop. **One important note for bus riders in D49: If D49 closes, there will be no bus service to the D49 service area. This is most relevant to bus riders on the Route 2 bus.


For information regarding delayed bus routes and CEC transportation, contact. Mrs. Solberg at For questions regarding closures and delays, please contact Mr. DeLourenco at


EBCE-O - CEC School Closings and Cancellations Policy


E-Learning Days for Colorado Early Colleges- Colorado Springs 


As we have seen over the last few years, Colorado weather is highly unpredictable. Winter weather can make it a challenge to meet state required instructional contact hours. Because we draw students from all over Colorado Springs and El Paso and Teller Counties, we must be mindful of weather across the entire region. In anticipation of inclement winter weather, CEC Colorado Springs will plan for five e-learning days for students in college prep courses. The purpose of adding e-learning days is to allow students to move forward with learning when weather makes if difficult or dangerous to be in school. 

What is an e-learning day at CEC Colorado Springs?
When school is closed for inclement weather, we will automatically have an e-learning day.  Students will not be in school but will be expected to complete the assigned course work prior to the next regularly scheduled school day.  This allows college prep classes to remain on schedule while also minimizing the likelihood of having to adjust our bell schedule and calendar in the spring.  Therefore, on weather cancellation days, students will “attend” school via Infinite Campus’ online portal.

E-Learning day procedures:
Lesson plans for e-learning days will be available on Infinite Campus by 9:00 am. The lessons will cover the same material that would be covered via traditional instruction in the classroom. Students that do not have Internet access at home will have extended time to complete the assignments uploaded by their teachers. The procedure for an e-learning day are as follows:


  1. Students will log on to their Infinite Campus accounts after 9:00 am., via the internet or the app.  Once logged on to Infinite Campus, students will click on their course name (ex. Literature 090A) and the e-learning assignments will appear.
  2. Students should follow the instructions from the teacher and submit any work that is required before the end of the day.  It is reasonable to expect approximately 30 minutes of work for each college prep class your student has.
  3. Work not completed during an e-learning day will count as missing, similar to in-school assignments.


CEC Colorado Springs will work collaboratively with our families to successfully implement this new educational opportunity when weather closes school. We understand that implementing this new process may have some hiccups. We appreciate your support as we work through any challenges that may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding e-learning days.