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Please fix the highlighted areas below before submitting.

Employment Application

Contact Information


To which campus are you applying? You may click more than one.*
Position for which you are applying: (check all that apply)*


Begin with the most recently attended institution.

Resume and Cover Letter

Please attach a resume with a cover letter that details your complete employment history including the following information for each position:

  1. Employer (Company Name)
  2. Employer Physical Address
  3. Job Title
  4. Job Duties
  5.  Supervisor Name, Phone Number and Email Address
  6. Dates of Employment
  7. Reason for Leaving


Upload your resume here:
or drag it here.

Skills and Experience

Please rate each of the following items according to your experience in each area.

  1. No skill or experience
  2. Little skill or experience
  3. Some skill or experience
  4. Significant skill or experience
  5. Substantial skill or experience
Teaching or working with high school students*
Teaching or working with middle school students*
Educational Leadership*
Curriculum writing/development*
Exceptional Student Services (SPED, PLP, ALP, ELL)*
Response to Intervention (Rtl)*
Conflict Resolution/Mediation*
Financial/Budget Management*
Event Planning*
Project Management*
Food Service*
Customer Service*
Office Management*
Supervision of Employees*
IT Support Services*
General computer navigation and functions*
Software Applications*
Website Editing*
MS Word*
MS Excel*
Google Forms*
Google Sheets*


Please provide two professional (co-worker or supervisor) references and one personal (not related to you) reference.

Working Relationship*
Working relationship*


All applicants recommended for hire will be subject to a background check.

Colorado Early Colleges does not discrimintate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, genetic information, age, religion, or disability in admission, access to, or determination of employment in its education programs or activities.


Have you ever been convicted of, or pled no contest to, a felony or misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation?*
Are there any felony or misdemeanor charges currently pending against you other than minor traffic violations?*
Have you ever had a teaching contract non-renewed?*
Have you ever been involuntarily terminated, asked to resign, or tendered your resignation to avoid non-renewal in connection with any other employment?*
Have you ever had any certification or license suspended, revoked, or terminated?*
Have you ever been under investigation for, or charged with, any offense involving physical or sexual abuse?*
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