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Assessment Information



2016-17 Assessment Information


Student assessment information is currently being released for students and parents to review for individual student progress and for schools to use for analysis of both individual student progress as well as academic programming. I am extremely proud to say that CSEC continues to outperform our district and state counterparts. Below you will find summaries of our student performance on various 2015-16 assessments:


  • PARCC English Language Arts (ELA)/MATH (9th grade) 
    • ELA- CSEC ranked 4th in our district with a mean scale score of 758. 56% of students tested met or exceeded expectations. 
    • Math-CSEC ranked 2nd in our district with a mean scale score of 751. 50%of students testedmet or exceeded expectations.
    • Please see the attached Fact Sheet from CDE for further information interpreting your student's scores. Student scores will be uploaded to Infinite Campus by the end of September.
  • PSAT(10th grade)
    • 82% of CSEC students met English Reading and Writing Benchmarks.
    • CSEC students' Mean total score was 1007. This is 67 points higher than the District and 78 points higher than the national average.
    • *Students wishing to pick up their test booklet may do so from Mrs. Walker-Brian in the front office. Score reports were mailed home.
    • **Students who took the PSAT 10 last year are encouraged to take the PSAT/NMSQT as juniors on October 15. Students who take this test can qualify for significant honors and awards from various colleges and universities. Please see Mrs. Phelps in Advising for more information and to sign up.
  • ACT(11th grade)
    • CSEC Composite 21.8 this is above both the district (20.4) and the state (20.4).
    • CSEC students also performed higher than the district and state in every category (English, math, reading, and science).
  • CMAS (11th grade)
    • CSEC students' mean scale score was 43 points above the district. 




2016-17 Assessment Information


We look forward to seeing a continued upward trend in state and national assessments. In preparation for Spring testing, please find attached the CSEC 2016-17 Assessment Calendar (pursuant to CO law HB-1323). This calendar describes the state mandated as well as local assessments that CSEC students will participate in throughout the 2016-17 academic year. The exact testing schedule for the spring assessments is still being defined, but ideally all testing will be completed April 10-April 14, 2017.


No College Prep or College Bridge classes will be held April 10th, 11th, 12th, or 13th. Classes will resume April 14, 2017.


Please review the information below pertinent to your student's grade level (as identified in Infinite Campus):


  • April 10 -PARCC ELA (9th graders only) 
  • April 11 PSAT and SAT (10th and 11th graders only. *Dates are determined by the state.)
  • April 12 PARCC Math (9th graders only)
  • April 13 CMAS Science (11th graders only) 
  • April 25 Makeup SAT and PSAT (*Date determined by the state.) **Please note due to this determination, CSEC's Academic Calendar has been modified.
We appreciate your partnership with CSEC's state accountability requirements including participation in the upcoming state assessments. 
Jennifer Daugherty